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Spinz perfume Mystique | Spinz Deo Livewire - REVIEW

 Hello world,
Hope you guys are doing well .๐Ÿ˜

Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance
- Christopher Poindexter
I hope you guys have understood what today's post is all about! Its all about fragrance.๐Ÿ’œWho doesn't love to smell good? I hope everybody does right? A person who smells goods definitely feels good.
In today's post i'll be reviewing for you guys some products that i received a couple of weeks ago from one of my favourite brand Spinz by CavinKare.
 They recently launched some new products which i was really excited to try out. So i received three products which included a perfume, a deo and a BB talc( which was something i was most eager and excited about).This was not the first time i was using products by spinz. I have used a number of other deos from this brand and i absolutely love those. I still use the Spinz perfume deo in Hip Hop which has a blue packaging and i think it's my third bottle now, so you know my love for spinz. It's just too good and i had the same expectation from the products that i received as well.
Without much delay let's get started with the reviews.

Products I received: 

 Spinz Eau De Perfume - Mystique
Spinz Perfume Deo - Livewire
 Spinz BB brightening & Beauty Talc

 Spinz Eau De Perfume - Mistique

This perfume was a love at first sight for me just because of it's packaging, like even if the perfume didn't smell good i would still buy it because of the gorgeous packaging it has.
PRICE - 300/-

  It comes in a outer silver cardboard packaging with all the details regarding the product including the ingredient list. The perfume comes in a sleek glass bottle which looks absolutely stunning. The size of the perfume is perfect to fit into any handbag but since its a glass bottle you need to be a little careful while traveling. The bottle has very minimum details printed on it which makes it look even more classy.What made this product even attractive was the colour of the bottle which has a beautiful ombre effect of purple. The cap is made of plastic and fits in perfectly.
This product definitely looks worth more than 300/-, it actually looks like a high end perfume.
 So packaging wise this perfume deserves a 10 on 10 from my side.


I am really bad at explaining fragrances but i'll try my best to get as close as i can๐Ÿ˜.  I am a picky person when it comes to choosing perfumes or deos. I am not a fan of musky or strong scents. I generally prefer sweet, floral and mild fragrances.
This perfumes justifies my choice completely. The fragrance is sweet but not overly sweet, it's mild and smells fruity. I am so in love with this one that i am using it every day non stop. If you love scents which are floral and fruity then you should definitely try this one out. This one is also a great option for gifting as it's affordable but at the same time really amazing. This is surely going to add a lot of glam sitting on your vanity.
 These are available in four different variants so i am sure you will get one of your choice.
Staying power - Lasts for 3- 4 hours

Buy here

Spinz Perfume Deo - Livewire

  This deo has a normal packaging like any other deo would have. The best thing about spinz is that all their products are really affordable and decently priced. 

This one is priced at 90/- for 75 ml which is absolutely amazing.

 The size of this deo is just perfect as well. It's really travel friendly and light. I love the colour because it's black and black is one of my all time favourite. There is nothing really fancy about the packaging that i need to let you all know. But overall it is a good one to go for.


The fragrance of this deo a bit more stronger than the perfume.
The aroma of this one reminds me of vanilla, chocolaty and at the same time sweet and fruity. It has a mix of both musky and floral scents which makes it really stand out.
One thing i really need to tell you guys is that the fragrance lasts forever like, i am serious. My clothes are washed and they still smell of this deo. It actually claims that it lasts for 24 hrs but as I said it lasts forever. So if you are a person who applies deo after every 3-4 hrs then get this right away because trust me this is going to be there all day long.


check out - Spinz BB talc review

So that was all about today's post. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Do let me know your views in the comment section below. I will be back with my next post soon. Take care!


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