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Best skin care & hair care products by Sensatia Botanicals * REVIEW*

Hello world,

Hope you guys are doing well. I know its been a long long long time since my last post got published and all this happened because of my hectic schedule. It's my last year in college, or let me call 2017 my "graduation year" and my exams are starting next month๐Ÿ˜ž, so i am really stuck with my preparation and this is going to continue till the first week of April. I have so much to share with you guys, many stuffs to talk about and review as well, so please keep supporting and showing your love as you all have shown to all my previous posts.

Without making my intro really long let me begin with today's post. 
I have a new international skincare brand to talk about which is not only natural and organic but has a huge range of products which are 100% free of chemicals and pure.

I am talking about Sensatia Botanicals which is an Indonesian brand and has some really amazing skincare products for body, face, bath and lifestyle. I received some products last month which i have been using regularly and i am totally impressed with the results and their quality. All the products are infused with natural and organic ingredients.

Here are the products I received : 
  • Argan and tamarind revitalizing hair mask - BUY HERE
  • Acne clarifying facial scrub - BUY HERE
  • Acne clarifying charcoal mask- BUY HERE
  • Lemon meringue cream cleanser- BUY HERE
  • Unscented sensitive cream cleanser - BUY HERE
  • Surf naked sunscreen with SPF 30 - BUY HERE 


So i would like to start with the hair mask first as it's one of my favourite among the entire lot.
This hair mask comes in a tube which makes your work really easy and not at all messy. Its comes with the full ingredient list which is really great. All the products have the same kind of packaging which looks really classy and at the same time very luxurious. The texture of this product is thick and creamy and it smells heavenly just like caramel candies. My hair feels so pampered and soft after every wash.


A fragrant, sweet & earthy, herbal concoction designed to repair all that you do to your hair. Loaded with aloe vera juice & shea butter; tamarind fruit extract & wild honey; meadowfoam seed, coconut, avocado, extra virgin olive & argan oils; Argan & Tamarind Revitalizing Hair Mask will surely spring life back into your hair.


Massage into damp hair 1-2 times a week, before or after shampooing, wrap in warm towel for 15 minutes. RINSE.

I loved the ingredients list. It has honey, shea butter, aloe, olive, coconut and many more amazing ingredients which are really moisturizing and soothing. I like to use this mask once a week and keep it for 30 min for best results. This product makes my hair really soft and bouncy and since i have curly hair it gives my hair enough moisture and definition. 
Since these are luxurious skincare and hair care products, the price range is a little high.
Price- $18 ( Rs 1200) for 100ml. - BUY


 The next product i love is the acne clarifying facial scrub. This face scrub is enriched with charcoal for clear skin. A good face scrub is really important and must be included in our skin care routine. Face scrubs help to exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells. This face scrub is mild and gentle on the skin. Just like the hair mask this also comes in a tube packaging with a flip open cap. Since it is enriched with charcoal it is grey in colour.


A vibrant, refreshing & earthy scrub designed to stimulate & clarify, minimize & reduce acne by removing dead skin from the surface of the face. In a thick, rich & creamy base of pure aloe extract, kaolin clay, shea butter, jojoba oil and charcoal made from coconut husk we add starfruit, tamarind & gotu kola extracts. We top it off with walnut shell and a boom-boom-pow acne-clarifying combination of tea tree, lemon & peppermint essential oils.


In a gentle circular motion massage acne clarifying facial scrub into all parts of face. Rinse with cool water. Follow with acne clarifying mask & facial c-serum. Use 2-4 times per week.

It has a very mild fragrance which i like.With every wash it cleanses and refreshes the skin really well which is great.This scrub perfectly cleans out the face without drying or irritating the skin. I have combination skin and this scrub worked really well for me and works best for people who have oily skin in terms of controlling excess oil. I won't recommend this scrub if you have dry skin as this face scrub can make your skin more dry.
Price- $12 (Rs 800) for 600ml - BUY


Next is the acne clarifying mask which has my heart. Honestly i don't really get acne or pimples but i really got attracted to the word charcoal because charcoal works amazing for skin. It is one of the best ingredient for solving skin issues and at the same time helps in getting clear skin. The mask comes in a tube with the similar kind of packaging as the face scrub. One thing i would definitely appreciate about this brand is that all the products are simple and looks really classy.
This mask has a thick texture and after applying it dries up really fast. It gives a cooling effect on the skin which feels very refreshing. I love the cool sensation it gives to my skin because this is what you need during summer.


A vibrant, refreshing & earthy mask designed to stimulate & clarify, minimize & reduce acne by drawing toxins & dead skin from the surface of the face. In a base of pure kaolin clay and charcoal made from coconut husk we add starfruit, tamarind & gotu kola extracts and a boom-boom-pow acne-clarifying combination of tea tree, lemon & peppermint essential oils.


Apply a thin layer of acne clarifying charcoal mask to all parts of face & neck, allow to dry. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes with cool or lukewarm water, pat dry. Follow with Sensatia toner and facial hydrate of choice.

I apply this mask once a week after scrubbing my face with the acne clarifying face scrub. Since this face mask dries really quickly i like to keep it for 10 min max and then wash it with cool water.
After washing my face feels soft and instantly clear. This mask also makes the skin look youthful and my pores are less visible. My mom uses this mask too and she loves it because this products has done exactly what it claims. As it is great for acne prone skin and oily skin, there is less acne marks and also her skin feels tightened.
Price : $12 (rs 800) for 60 ml BUY


The next product is a cream cleanser which is true to its name and smells like lemon. Cream cleansers work great for people who have dry skin. This face wash is really soft and creamy and has a yellow tinge to it. I am a fan of the fresh aroma it has. Since it is a cream cleanser it doesn't foam a lot but definitely cleanses out the face perfectly. I really love the fact that it doesn't dry out the skin and makes the skin baby soft.
This one also come in the same kind of packaging with a different colour tube. It is infused with aloe , shea butter, lemon , fruit extracts and many more wonderful ingredients.


Sensatia’s cream cleansers are heavenly smooth & super creamy. Loaded with pure aloe vera juice, shea tree butter, honey, kakadu plum, starfruit & lemon extracts. Designed to effectively-yet-gently remove excess oil & dirt, while lightening and brightening, leaving your skin soft supple & fresh.


Massage into wet face twice daily for bright sparkling skin. Rinse. Removes make-up

This cleanser not only cleans your face, but also helps in removing your makeup which us really great. I love wearing makeup but when it come to removing it I feel super lazy, so thanks to sensatia for this amazing products which does a two in one job and makes the work really easy.
I use this cleanser every night before i go to sleep as it cleans my face and removes the dirt of the entire day and at the same time removes my makeup. The texture of my skin has improved beautifully and it feels more radiant and healthy.

PRICE: $15 (Rs 1000) for 100ml BUY


As the name suggests this face wash is made for all the people who have sensitive skin. Is says to be unscented but it does have a scent which is similar to the lemon meringue face wash.
This also has the same packaging like the previous cream cleanser and works the same way too. This cleanser removes excess oil and dirt without stretching the skin and removing natural oil. 


Sensatia’s cream cleansers are heavenly smooth & super creamy. Loaded with pure aloe vera juice, shea tree butter, green tea, rosehip, jojoba, kakadu plum, sea buckthorn, starfruit & papaya extracts. Designed to effectively-yet-gently remove excess oil & dirt, while lightening and brightening, leaving your skin soft supple & fresh


 Massage into wet face twice daily for bright sparkling skin. Rinse. Removes make-up.

This face wash also helps in removing makeup which is an extra bonus for the lazy people out there. It is easy to rinse off and gives an instant glow to the skin. My skin feels really smooth and clear after every wash. If you have sensitive skin you should definitely try this face wash as this is an amazing daily use face wash.

PRICE: $15 (Rs 1000) for 100ml BUY 



 The last product is the surf naked sunscreen. The name of this sunscreen is really unique and new. It comes with an SPF of 30 which is really great. Summers has already approached here and its really important to use a good sunscreen in order to protect the skin from the harsh sun rays and get all tanned up.
This sunscreen by sensatia is white in colour and it's texture is thick and heavy so i really won't recommend it if you have very oily skin. I more thing which i found a little disappointing about this product is that it leaves a white cast after applying to the skin and stays for a long time. You can opt for a light weight sunscreen. If you have dry skin  you can go for this one as it helps to protect the skin throughout the day. It might feel a little cakey but taking care of the skin definitely is the first priority.


Sensatia’s Surf Naked Sunscreen is a 100% natural, fragrance-free, vegan & cruelty-free water-resistant sunscreen with heavyweight broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB radiation. It is made with just 3 natural ingredients… You’ll feel like your surfing naked.
A perfect product to have in every beach bag & surfboard bag in the house. But dont be fooled, because its so gentle and 100% natural, it is also great for children that love to play in the sand. So whether your a big kid or a little kid you need to get some now. Everyday is a good day to be at the beach, in the sea or on top of the mountain.


Apply to face & lips 20 minutes before exposure to sun & surf. Reapply every 2 hours, shred hard.

This sunscreen is not just for your face, but for the entire body and it can be used on kids too. The packaging is also really different, it comes in a tub like packaging and really convenient to carry. I love the compact packaging of this product. Since this is a little heavy you can apply it on the body 15-20 min before leaving the house. The best part is that it is 100% natural.
PRICE: $12.50 (Rs 830) for 70g BUY



Also check out their website for more :

So guys that was all about today's post , I hope you all liked it and do comment your favourite product in the comment section.

Keep loving and supporting and I’ll catch you'll up in my next post soon till then take care..byee!


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Thank you,


  1. Great Review. I came across this product at a chemist store, belcam bubble bath
    I tried it and its really good.

    1. yes it's an amazing brand, i love their products. <3

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  3. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I'm pleased I discovered it though, ill be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include. face firming tool


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