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Nyassa Under The Ocean Bath Salt & Rosemary essential oil Review.

Hello Beautiful people,

How are you guys doing ? do let me know in the comment section down below !😊 I know It's been a while since my last post went live . My busy schedule has just made everything so unorganized and i am trying my best to get back to track and finish up all my pending work. After a busy day i am always so stressed out and tired that i hardly get time to relax and spend some "me time". I know i am complaining but guess what ? This stress has a big connection with today's post.

Well today's post is about some products that have been a boon for me through the hard and tiring days i have had. And i am so happy to review these products for you guys. I received two products from Nyassa few weeks ago and i have been loving the products from the day i have received them. I usually test out products for at least two weeks before i give my review, but these two products won my heart after the first use itself. So without making my intro super long and …
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Colourpop Lippie Stix Reveiw- Cami, Love Life. From where to buy International Makeup ? ft. @loiccosmetics

Hey everyone,
Welcome back to my blog. Hope you guys are doing well. Today's post is about a product that i have been loving a lot since the past few weeks. Well as the title says, today i will be reviewing two lippie stix by Colourpop cosmetics which is one of my favourite international makeup brand. We all love International Products, right ? But it's always a difficult task to get your hands on them as most of them are out of stock and the huge customs that you have to pay can make a big hole in your pocket.

Bblunt Salon Secret Hair colour Review | Deep Burgundy (WINE)

Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to my blog. Today's post is going to be about a hair colour which i have shared with you all earlier as well. Can you guess? of course you can by reading the title 😜. So today in this post i am going share a recent launch by Bblunt which is one of my favourite brand for hair products.  I hope you guys know that Bblunt had launched their salon secret high shine hair colour last year in some really amazing shades which was priced at Rs 199 .

Read : Bblunt secret salon hair colour Natural brown.(Coffee) So now they have launched their new mini version at just Rs 89. How cool is that ?

The mini hair colour is perfect for short hair as well as for touch ups. So the next time you wish to colour your short hair or want to cover the new greys you can just get your self the mini size and that will be be more than enough. Well don't get confused when i say mini version, It's just the size that has changed. You still get the exact same things inside the…

Spinz perfume Mystique | Spinz Deo Livewire - REVIEW

Hello world, Hope you guys are doing well .😍
Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance - Christopher Poindexter I hope you guys have understood what today's post is all about! Its all about fragrance.💜Who doesn't love to smell good? I hope everybody does right? A person who smells goods definitely feels good.

Spinz BB Talc Review.

Hey pretty ladies,

welcome back to my blog..
This post is a continuation of my previous post so don't forget to check that out as well.
read- Spinz Perfume & Deo Review
So as the title suggests today i'll be reviewing the Spinz BB talc which is also known as the brightening & beauty talc. Isn't it interesting?  

MOND'SUB Facial Mask Review. Affordable sheet Mask / Facial Mask in INDIA.

Hello my lovely fam, Hope you guys are enjoying the month of july and monsoon of course!  Well i know you people are going to judge me for this but i am not a monsoon or rain lover at all. I feel so lazy and dull during these days, ugh ! it feels really annoying to have such feelings. Now coming back to today's post- it's all about sheet masks that are trending everywhere in the market as well on the internet.
 I had never tried a sheet mast before until i received some around a month ago by the brand Mond'sub for review purpose. I was really excited to try out these because i had seen a lot of bloggers raving about it. 

Be Safe With PEE SAFE - Toilet seat sanitizer spray Review.

Hello my glitter fam, Hope you all are doing well. Today's post isn't about any makeup, skin care or hair care product review. Well today i am going to share something which is a must for each one of us.
It's strange how we hesitate to use products used by others but when it comes to public toilet we don't think twice. We often forget about hygiene and the infections that are caused and spread by shared toilets. So today in this post i am going to discuss about a product that has changed my way of using public toilets whether i am in a mall, college , train, restaurants or any other place this product is always in my handbag.