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Spinz perfume Mystique | Spinz Deo Livewire - REVIEW

Hello world, Hope you guys are doing well .😍
Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance - Christopher Poindexter I hope you guys have understood what today's post is all about! Its all about fragrance.💜Who doesn't love to smell good? I hope everybody does right? A person who smells goods definitely feels good.
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Spinz BB Talc Review.

Hey pretty ladies,

welcome back to my blog..
This post is a continuation of my previous post so don't forget to check that out as well.
read- Spinz Perfume & Deo Review
So as the title suggests today i'll be reviewing the Spinz BB talc which is also known as the brightening & beauty talc. Isn't it interesting?  

MOND'SUB Facial Mask Review. Affordable sheet Mask / Facial Mask in INDIA.

Hello my lovely fam, Hope you guys are enjoying the month of july and monsoon of course!  Well i know you people are going to judge me for this but i am not a monsoon or rain lover at all. I feel so lazy and dull during these days, ugh ! it feels really annoying to have such feelings. Now coming back to today's post- it's all about sheet masks that are trending everywhere in the market as well on the internet.
 I had never tried a sheet mast before until i received some around a month ago by the brand Mond'sub for review purpose. I was really excited to try out these because i had seen a lot of bloggers raving about it. 

Be Safe With PEE SAFE - Toilet seat sanitizer spray Review.

Hello my glitter fam, Hope you all are doing well. Today's post isn't about any makeup, skin care or hair care product review. Well today i am going to share something which is a must for each one of us.
It's strange how we hesitate to use products used by others but when it comes to public toilet we don't think twice. We often forget about hygiene and the infections that are caused and spread by shared toilets. So today in this post i am going to discuss about a product that has changed my way of using public toilets whether i am in a mall, college , train, restaurants or any other place this product is always in my handbag.

Home remedy for Pigmentation | how to remove dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. In today's post I'll be sharing some easy DIY that you guys can try at home in no time. So this post is about pigmentation and how we can get rid of it naturally.
Before I get into the DIY let me give you guys a brief note about what is pigmentation and what are the reasons behind it.

Best Affordable Makeup Products For Summer | MAKEUP ON BUDGET | Everything under Rs 400

Hey guys ,

Hope you all are doing well. It feels really great getting back to blogging after such a long time. Anyway, the temperature here is getting hotter with each passing day and it has become really difficult to choose the correct products that can survive this heat.
After several trials and errors i have come across some amazing products which are not only great for summer but also are on budget. So without wasting much time let me begin with the list.

Best skin care & hair care products by Sensatia Botanicals * REVIEW*

Hello world,
Hope you guys are doing well. I know its been a long long long time since my last post got published and all this happened because of my hectic schedule. It's my last year in college, or let me call 2017 my "graduation year" and my exams are starting next month😞, so i am really stuck with my preparation and this is going to continue till the first week of April. I have so much to share with you guys, many stuffs to talk about and review as well, so please keep supporting and showing your love as you all have shown to all my previous posts.
Without making my intro really long let me begin with today's post.  I have a new international skincare brand to talk about which is not only natural and organic but has a huge range of products which are 100% free of chemicals and pure.