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New Pond's Pimple Clear Face wash review .

Hey guys ,

Welcome back to my blog , hope you all are doing great . Its feels really good to share my thoughts with you all and your constant love and support always keeps me motivated with my work.

So i am back with another product review. Today I'll be reviewing the Ponds pimple clear face wash which is a new launch in the market. After watching the advertisement of this face wash i went ahead and bought it . Earlier they had launched the ponds pimple clear white multi action facial wash but this time they have come up with a new concept. It claims to clear out the pimples in 3 days only and honestly this was the only reason which attracted me towards this product. So keep reading to know more about this product !


The packaging of this product is quite similar to the previous one , its simple and neat . I really liked the color combination of white and teal which makes it look attractive. The face wash comes in a squeezy plastic tube with all the important details about the product. It has a flip open cap which keeps the product secure and doesn't create any mess . This face wash comes in two different sizes - 50g for 69/- and 100g for 125/- which I think is quite affordable.

The texture of this face wash is neither liquidy nor thick, its kind of in between. I love the fragrance of all pond's products ,  and this one smells nice as well , It not weird , it has a freshness to its fragrance.



Helps target pimples at the root cause with lock + clear technology. Proven to visibly reduce pimples.


Wet face , take a small amount rub with water until foamy. Apply to face and neck and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly . For best results use morning and evening with Pond's pimple Clear leave on expert clearing gel .


Okay, so me and my sister are using this product since 5 days regularly . She has really oily skin and i have just the opposite , my skin gets oily during summers and dry during the winters. So after using this face wash on both the skin types i can definitely say that this product is a bit drying for my skin but it has worked completely fine on my sister's skin . And yes this product does work. It didn't clean all the pimples in 3 days but they were less visible and i am sure that with continue usage it will help in clearing out the pimples and marks for sure .

 I would like to give you guys some tips from my own personal experience. 

DRY SKIN - If  you have dry skin like me then i would recommend you all to use it once every day and after washing your face make sure to moisturize it really well to prevent dry patches around the nose and cheeks.

OILY SKIN – If you have oily skin you can use this twice daily . Because oiliness is the main reason behind acne and pimples and you need control it .

This product foams very well and makes the skin squeaky clean and fresh after each wash. It cleans your pores really nicely and makes your face smooth and soft. And let me tell you all once more that this face wash definitely works and reduces pimples to a great extent.
Overall I am happy with my purchase . I would give this product 9 out of 10 because I am not happy with the fact that it makes my skin dry, but I guess this product will work fine for me if i moisturize my face well.


  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Reduces pimples
  • Makes skin clean and fresh
  • Reduces excess oiliness


  • Very drying for dry skin.

So guys that was all about today's post , I hope you all liked it and do comment your favourite face wash in the comment section.
Keep loving and supporting and I’ll be back with my next post soon till then take care..byee!

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