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Iremia - fragrance for life .

Hello my beautiful readers ,

Welcome back to my blog. I know i am not regular with my blog posts , but seriously i am a bit stuck with my study schedule which is getting worse day by day. I am currently pursuing my 3rd year which is basically the last year for my graduation , so i am happy but at the same time i get stressed out easily at the end of the day. But thanks to team iremia for sending me some products which have become stress busters for me and added some relief to my stressful days. Without much blabbering let me introduce you all to the brand named Iremia which has some luxurious and awesome products to offer! Yes guys you heard it right . 

So today i'll be reviewing some products from which are absolutely amazing.

Before i get started with the review let me give you all a brief intro about their brand.


Iremia is an Indian brand which deals with a lot of natural and organic products and their main motive is to add fragrance to everybody's life. All their products are handmade organic products with 100% natural ingredients and zero animal fat which is really great.
Iremia offers several rare and exotic fragrance which are superior in quality and made with the finest plants and herbs.
All the products are chemical free and can provide us a lot of benefits. Iremia has several  products like incense sticks , scented candles , luxurious Organic soaps and essential oils / diffuser  which are surely going to add a lot of freshness and relief in your daily life. So lets get started.


Lavender is one of my favourite fragrance and i own a lot of products which has lavender. So while i was going through their website i found some amazing essential oils . There were eight different fragrance as follows :

  • Tranquil Essential Oil                    
  • Tearose Essential Oil                     
  • Mandarin Orange Essential Oil    
  • Lavender Essential Oil                
  • Jasmine Essential Oil                  
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil              
  • Tuberose Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Buy Essential Oils HERE

As i already told you guys earlier that i love the aroma of lavender , i had to get my hands on the lavender essential oil . And after i received the product i was so happy because it smells heavenly guys. Its completely pure and natural . Essential oils have multiple uses and can be used in so many ways which can be really effective for us.

INGREDIENTS : Lavender essential oil .


Iremia's Lavender essential oil's anti microbial properties prevent various infections, combat bacterial and fungal disorders , speed up the healing of burns , cuts , scrapes and wounds and prevent allergic reactions. The fragrance helps induce sleep and is good for insomnia . It eliminates nervous tension and releive pain . Its powerful anti oxidants slow the aging process.

Price : 749/- for 15ml (0.5 oz)


I really loved the packaging of all the products. They look very luxurious and classy. This oil comes in a black and gold outer packaging and it contains all the details about the product. The essential oil is in a glass package and has a dropper which makes the work easy and clean. Only 2-3 drops of this wonderful oil is enough for one use.  So this small bottle goes a really long way.

My views on the product.

Well i absolutely loved this product. It has helped me alot in my daily stressful routine and keeps me calm .Its a difuser and aroma therapy which keeps me focused and relaxed. This is definitely a multi tasker and has more than hundered uses guys. It can be used as a perfume , a diffuser , for skin , hair and much more. And this product definitely does whatever it claims. I usually apply this on my forehead as well a on some of my skin issues and my skin feels really refreshed when i wake up . Its pleasant aroma makes my surrounding lively and eleminates all my tension.
For me this product deserves the biggest thumbs up. 


They were really kind to send me their best products which included two 100% organic soaps.
1) Oatmeal , honey & Milk Soap    buy here
2) Shea Butter , Lavender & Basil Soap   buy here

Buy pure and organic soaps Here

Sounds interesting right ? These soaps are a treat to use.  They are handmade and pure vegetable soaps which is great ! They don't smell weird at all in fact they have a very subtle and sweet fragrance which i love. My personal favourite is the Shea Butter , lavender & basil soap , its smell soo amazing guys and has a minty feeling as well.

Oatmeal , honey & milk soap

Ingredients : Coconut Oil , Mahua Oil , Water , Sodium , Hydroxide , Cinnamon Oil , Honey , Rosemary Extract , Cinnamon Extract , Oatmeal Powder.

PRICE - 179/- for 100g bar of soap

Soap color - off white

What product claims?

Oatmeal normalizes your skin's pH and relives dry , itchi skin. Honey moisturizes skin and gives it a natural glow . Milk gently cleans, moisturizes and hydrates the skin and prevents skin aging.

This soap is prepared with unique combination of oatmeal , honey and milk.

Shea Butter , lavender & Basil soap

Ingredients : coconut oil , mahua oil , castor oil , Sodium Hydroxide , Water , Shea Butter , lavender oil , Rosemary Extract , Cinnamon Extract , Basil Oil.

PRICE - 199/- for 100g bar of soap

Soap Color- white

What product claims ?

Sheer butter soothes , moisturizes and rejuvenates skin and makes it feel soft. Lavender oil relieves tension , anxiety and depression by inducing relaxation. Basil Essential oil enhances the luster of dull looking skin.

This is prepared with a unique combination of shea butter , lavender and basil oil.

So now as you guys know about the product let me tell you all that these soaps  are made of 100% pure grade 1 coconut oil . 

  • Natural colors and natural perfumes.
  • No animal fat . 
  • No animal testing done.
  • No preservatives.
  • No SLES or sulphates .
  • No synthetic colors.
  • No synthetic perfumes.


Omg their packaging is so beautiful , i am really impressed with iremia. These soaps are neatly packed from the inside as well as outside. They are colorful and at the same time luxurious. The outer package has the pictures of the ingredients used in the soap which look really wonderful. I have never seen such pretty packaging for soaps๐Ÿ˜. 

My views about the soaps.

These soaps have a waxy texture and very smooth on skin. They give the right amount of bubbles and freshness. My skin feels clean and moisturized which i love. My skin is very dry and during winters it gets worse but these soaps dont dry out my skin at all , they keep my skin hydrated and fresh all day long. And after using this for 2 weeks i can feel the texture of my skin getting better. 
So i would highly recommend you guys to try out these amazing handmade pure organic soaps which works wonders for the skin. 


By this time you guys might have understood my love for lavender..(hehe) I couldn't resist my self so i had to get this one . This candle is simple but looks elegant at the same time.
This candle can make any corner of your room look beautiful. Just light the candle and relax . Your mood is instantly going to boost up.

Price - 329/-

They nicely packed all the products and nothing got damaged during transit.
The fragrance from this candle is really calming and relaxing physically as well as emotionally .

Order yours now - buy now

Buy scented candle here

Iremia provides free shipping on order above 600/- .
don't forget to check their website

So guys that was all about today's post , i hope you guys found it useful and enjoyed reading it. I'll be back with a new blog post soon, till then keep loving and supporting..and don't forget to comment your favourite fragrance . :)

Thank you,

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