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Ethicare Remedies monsoon kit review.

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog . Hope you all are doing well.

 I know i haven't been posting on my blog for a while because i wanted to try out some products properly and then review them. So today i am going to review some products from the brand Ethicare Remedies   / ethinext pharma and how they worked on my skin. I have been using these products for more than two weeks now and i am all ready to share my thoughts and insights with you guys.

Before i start with the review let me tell you about the brand. So ethicare remedies is a 12 years old company in India and provides a huge collection of products which are trusted and dermatologist tested. They exclusively focus on dermatology and cosmetology and they also export products to other places like Dubai, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius etc. All the products which they offer are of high quality and surely not going to make a hole in your pocket.

I received their exclusive monsoon kit , and i was really happy because during monsoon our skin becomes really oily and dull and it needs a little extra care of course.
My skin starts to become oily and sticky at the end of the day and I get breakouts on my forehead chin and nose which is not at all attractive guys. I also found that my skin tone wasn't even , i had some white patches on my cheek and it was horrible.
I was very excited to try out the products which i received because i wanted to get rid of my skin issues as soon as possible.

So I received four products in my exclusive monsoon kit .

  • Cutishine - face wash for daily cleansing  (buy here)
  • Epi Plus Lotion - Sensitive skin cleanser   (buy here)
  • Osplis -Anti bacterial skin care soap         (buy here)
  • Sweatnil - Anti perspirant gel.                   ( buy here)

 I'll be reviewing the whole range and let you guys know how the products worked for me.


The first product in my kit was the cutishine face wash which is a soap free face wash for daily cleansing. This face wash is specially for oily acne prone skin and for improving complexion .It also claims to clean and lighten skin . So the product which i was most excited about was this as it claims to improve the complexion which my skin really needed and it also mentions oily acne prone skin which is a common skin issue with most of the people specially with the teenagers.

PRICE - 199/- 
SHELF LIFE - 3 years


Cutishine soap free face wash is a specially formulated gentle cleanser which combines natural AHA & BHA with special skin lightening activities ; which offers synergistic action and stimulates shedding of dead skin cells there by rejuvenating & purifying skin ; revealing underneath new radiant skin. Cutishine also cleanses excess sea bum (OIL) and dirt , there by helps to clear pimples.
Tea tree oil in cutishine ensures anti bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin. Cutishine also reduces superficial wrinkles, ageing signs & its skin lightening activities also helps to improve skin texture and complextion , giving enviable glow to the skin.


This face wash comes in a golden paper cardboard packaging which looks very luxurious. The box has all the details about the product at the back. The tube has a flip cap and it is half transparent which make it convenient for us to see the amount of product left inside. The tube also has all the details about the product printed at the back.

The texture of this face wash is like a gel, it is not runny in consistency nor thick. It is a transparent clear gel face wash and contains golden glittery beads which you need to pop while you wash your face. This face wash also has tiny white beads which help to scrub and gently exfoliate your skin really well. It has a light fragrance which i don't mind.


Take a little cutishine with a little water on to your palm. Work up lather and gently massage on your wet face and neck with a circular motion. Rinse off with clear water and pat your face dry. For best results use twice or thrice a day regularly.


This is my ultimate favourite among the four products i have received, honestly speaking this is one of the best face wash i have come across. As you guys can see i have already finished half of the tube because this face wash has worked wonders for my skin as well as my sister. I can see the difference clearly , it has helped me with my uneven skin tone as well as cleared out my skin. This face wash does exactly what it claims. After every wash my face feels refreshed and clean. It is soap free so it doesn't lather up a lot but it perfectly cleans out the dirt and impurities from the face as well as the neck.
This face wash has tea tree oil which is great because tea tree oil helps to prevent bacteria which are the real cause of pimples. So this face wash controls excess sebum(oil) and clears pimples.And the best part about this face wash is that you need a pea size amount every time you wash your face, so one tube goes a long way.


  • Soap free
  • helps in shedding dead skin cells
  • controls excess sebum and dirt
  • tea tree oil ensures anti bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin
  • Reduces wrinkles , skin ageing .
  • improves skin texture.
  • gives your skin a natural glow.
  • travel friendly and affordable.


  • It makes the skin dry.

I would recommend this to people who are dealing with acne and oily skin problems. This face wash is the perfect solution. Try it once it will definitely help you.



Epi plus lotion is a natural as well as mild body cleanser specially for people who have sensitive skin.
It is soap free, fragrance free and sles free. It is a non comedogenic ( wont clog pores ) , hypo allergenic lotion and also balances the pH level. 

PRICE -180/- for 100ml


This lotion comes in a white a gold paper cardboard box with all the details about the product . The packaging is neat and simple . The actual product come inside a white tube with a flip cap which remains tightly closed. One thing which i didn't like about the packaging is that when ever i try to open the cap a lot of product comes out which makes it a bit messy. But overall there is nothing more to complain about the packaging.
The lotion is white in colour and the texture isn't thick , its a bit runny so you need to be careful while taking out the product from the tube.


Wet the body with water and apply epiplus cleansing lotion. Massage the body gently and then rinse with water ,wipe the body with a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing your skin.


This cleanser is really mild and gentle on the skin. I have been using this lotion a lot because it keeps my skin moisturized and soft. It doesn't lather at all because its SLES free which is great as SLES are harsh chemicals which makes the skin very dry. After using this you don't need to apply a moisturizer because it keeps the skin soft and doesn't absorb all the natural oil of our skin. It decently cleans out the body so i won't recommend this to people who have very oily skin and like to use body cleansers which foam a lot.
This cleanser doesn't have any fragrance and its perfect for sensitive skin and makes skin smooth and soft. It treats & prevents dry , rough , scaly , itchy and other skin irritations.


  • soap free
  • non comedogenic
  • perfect for people who have sensitive and dry skin
  • balanced pH
  • SLES free
  • moisturizes and makes skin soft   
  • Affordable
  • prevents skin irritation


  • Not suitable for oily skin.
  • gets messy around the cap.

If you have sensitive skin then go for this product, this works great for dry as well sensitive skin.




Sweatnil is an anti perspirant gel which claims to control excessive perspiration specially from underarms , palms, foot etc. This roll on pack is priced at 170/- for 50 ml product.
This product helps to prevent sweat gland from excreting liquid and also prevents bacteria.


This roll on come in a a light blue cardboard packaging .The packaging isn't very attractive . The bottle has a roll on which makes it easy to use.When i received the product there was a bit leakage around the cap , but i have fixed that problem now. The packaging is very compact so it is travel friendly and it easily fits inside your handbag , clutch anything that you wish to carry.
The texture is not like a gel , the consistency is runny and watery . It takes some time to dry completely but after it dries it helps a lot in controlling the sweat.


  • Wash well and pat dry the area before application 
  • Apply directly on affected area like palm, foot, underarms etc
  • Do not apply on injured and irritated skin
  • Allow the product to dry completely


This product has a refreshing fragrance which stays for a long time and keeps you your body fresh and sweat free. This roll on didn't irritate my skin at all and this keeps the body hygienic all day long. I use this after i take a shower , its important to dry the area before the application. This was a savior for my monsoon days as well as the in between hot humid days. And the best part is that it is dermatologically tested and its completely safe to use.


  • compact packaging 
  • easy to carry
  • controls sweat for 3-4 hrs
  • fight against bacteria
  • keeps you fresh and hygienic


  • contains parabens
  • takes some time to dry completely.

If you are someone who is looking for an affordable anti perspirant gel roll on, then you shout give this a try.
Over all i really liked this product and i am using this almost everyday.



So the last thing inside my kit were two ospis skin care soaps from ethicare remedies.
PRICE : 69/- each 
100gm each.


Ospis premium soap with aloe vera - a natural non sticky moisturizer , hydrates your skin to keep it healthy all the times. Ospis premium soap also contains chlorhexidine gluconate - an anti bacterial trusted by most of the dermatologist, which keeps your skin free from pathogens disease producing bacteria. Silicone fluid in ospis premium soap is a foam stabilizer  and conditioner , which makes your skin soft and supple. Light perfume and rich foaming keeps you refreshing every time you clean your skin  with ospis premium soap.


The soap comes inside a white paper cardboard packaging. I really likes the packaging , the soap is nicely packed inside a transparent plastic. The packaging is very hygienic and ravel friendly. The soap is oval in shape and has the brand name as well as ospis embossed over it.
I have used one of the soap and that is why the name got rubbed off.
Its completely white and has a nice fragrance which stays on the body for a long time and keeps you refreshed.


 I prefer using body washes over soaps because soaps generally make my skin very dry, but honestly speaking this soap didn't dry out my skin. It has aloevera which helps to keep the body hydrated and well moisturised. I am really impressed with the soap as it has improved the quality of my skin as well as reduced all kind of skin irritation.This is a premium quality soap with skin conditioner.

I would definitely recommend this to every one because it has helped me out  with my skin issues so i am sure this is going to work great for all skin types.


So that was all about today's post , all the products are great . Ethicare remedies has some amazing skincare products and you guys should definitely give them a try. Don't forget to check out their website for some amazing skin care and hair care products.

Ethicare Remedies
Ethinext Pharma 

I'll be back with my next post soon. Till then keep loving and supporting .

thank you.

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