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Globox review (beauty subscription box)

Hello world ,

Hope you all are having a great day ! ☺

Today i am really happy and excited because i have something very interesting to share with you all. So by reading the title i hope you guys have already guessed about today's post. Well if not , let me tell you that today's post is all about globox which is a new addition to the Indian market. Keep on reading to know what globox is all about.


Globox is a monthly subscription beauty box where you receive 4 to 5 full size products every month. I know many of you might be thinking that globox is just like any other subscription box in india where you receive products monthly , but wait ! here is the twist guys , globox isn't an ordinary beauty subscription box where you receive random products every month . There is something different about globox which makes it special and unique from other monthly subscription boxes.

So you need to sign up and before subscribing to globox you have to fill in a beauty profile where you are required to answers some personalized questions related to your skin type, hair , makeup, the kind of products you use or planning to buy in the future , colours that you like , skin or hair issues and many more. After filling up the beauty profile you place your order. So overall globox makes sure to get detailed information about your likes and preference and then they send you some really amazing products handpicked and customized by the experts. Globox sends you your personalized box filled with all the products customized according to your skin and hair concerns and all the products you receive aren’t repeated in any of the future boxes. All you need to do is sign up on , fill your beauty profile, place order, relax and  globox delivers your much awaited beauty box right on your doorsteps in no time.


Globox has the following subscription plans 
Globox keeps 1-2 limited edition boxes which are pre curated.
For the month of August globox has a ‘Rakhi gift box’ and ‘The 1947’ box to celebrate the Independence day. Both of these boxes are priced at Rs. 999. 

You can get Rs 100 off on the monthly box by using the coupon code "IN100".
and 10% OFF on 3,6 & yearly subscription by applying the coupon code "GLO10"


So the globox  has a simple brown cardboard box packaging. The box came in a white plastic package and it was nicely bubble wrapped. On the side of the box i noticed a cute caption written  "made with❤" which made the simple box really special and pretty. I was surprised to see such a simple box because all the subscription boxes have really fancy and cool packaging. But after I opened the box i got to know the reason behind it which i'll explain at the end of my post.

The box looks really cute from inside. It is light pink in colour. Inside the box there was a butter paper with the globox sticker and it was tied up with a black ribbon covering all the products. One thing which i loved the most about globox was their packaging because after i removed the butter paper i saw that each and every product inside the box was separately bubble wrapped which was really amazing.

Globox made sure that all product inside the box was safe and secure .And i think this should be the top priority of every subscription box because no one wants to receive a damaged products ( its really heart breaking) 😞.10 on 10 for their packaging.


I had filled up my beauty profile , i told them about my skin type, my hair, my wishlist ,favourite colour and then there was a comment box at the end where i added some more information about myself. It was really fun going through these personalized questions. So i received my globox 3 days ago and was overjoyed with the products i received . I was really happy because all the products inside the box were curated specially for me and some of them were actually on my wishlist.

The august globox included a surprise element , so was really excited about that as well. Inside the box was an invoice with all the names of the products i received along with their price , total value of the products and the savings. I found two hand written notes , one was by the founder Jyoti and the other was the expert's note by Shalini where she wrote how the products i received could help me out. These personal notes made me really happy because these added a personal touch to the box.



 So the first thing inside the box was a jewellery which was actually the surprise element of the box. I didn't expect to receive an accessory inside a beauty subscription box. It is actually an owl necklace , and i am not so much into these kinds of jewellery but since it was a surprise element i would happily accept it.  The necklace is multicolored so it is going to match all my outfits and be a statement piece for sure. 

Price - Rs 249 


OMG a palette😍😍😍!!!.. yes guys i actually reacted like this when i saw this product. I love makeup and that is what my blog is mostly all about and receiving a palette from makeup revolution actually made my day. While filling my beauty profile i mentioned that i was planning to buy a blush for myself , and i was so delighted to receive this makeup product.

It not only has a blush but also a highlighter and a contour. This is a 3 in 1 palette with gorgeous shades which perfectly compliment my skin tone. I heard so many good things about this palette and finally i have it..yaaaasssss😎 !

Price- Rs 850 for 11g 

P.S ( the price of this product itself is more than the price of the globox win win😍😍)

FUSCHIA DAZZLE FACE MASK (sandal & saffron)

 The third product inside the box was a face mask by the brand fuschia in a very cute net packaging . When it comes to natural products , fuschia is always great and a trusted brand. This face mask has some really amazing ingredients like rose water , sandalwood powder , saffron extract , aloe vera , oat meal powder, vitamin e and all these work wonders for skin and helps to get glowing  skin naturally. I am really excited to try out this face mask.

Price - Rs 450 for 100g .

The fourth product inside my globox was a conditioner... happy again😄. I mentioned in my beauty profile that I have curly dry frizzy hair. 
To be honest I was actually planning to buy a conditioner since my current one has almost got over, and what could have been better than this? a conditioner inside my globox :) . I have used other products from matrix in the past and i really love them specially the fragrance of their products are too good. This conditioner is specially for very dry hair , it is infused with aloe , and doesn't contain parabens which is great. And after i received this conditioner i used it once and liked it a lot.. it made my hair soft and shiny after the first wash.

Price - Rs 180 for 98g


Lastly i received a cute lipstick from oriflame . I got two makeup products inside my globox and it made my day seriously. The name of the shade is rusty red and it looks stunning, its a brick orange color lipstick which suits my complexion really well. I didn't have this shade in my collection and i am overwhelmed to receive this. Its really smooth and pigmented and doesn't dry out lips at all.

Price - Rs 199 for 2.5g.

It didn't get over guys  , they sent me 2 samples of tea treasure wellness tea as well.

So after adding the price of all the products inside the box the total comes to Rs 1928. The price of the box after a discount of Rs 100 amounts to Rs 699
So the total savings for this months box is Rs 1229 . Isn't it great ? you get such awesome deals only in globox.

 so what are you waiting for?


So globox is currently running a contest where you can participate and win free box every week and grand prize worth more than Rs 10,000. All you need to do is design the globox and share your entry on your social media handles as well as Globox’s facebook page. If your design gets selected you win the contest and receive the amazing globox every week.
Share your design and get lucky.

You can get more details about this contest at



  • Great packaging.
  • full size products.
  • personally curated according to your wants.
  • they send products from great brands.
  • free delivery
  • total price of the products inside the box is more than the actual price of the box.
  • great deals.
  • happy me :)

It felt as if i am receiving a  surprise gift from myself😛 So gift your self a globox and have fun. Globox is also a great gifting option to make someone happy.


 use coupon code  "IN100" and get Rs 100 off on your monthly box.
 Use Coupon code "GLO10" and get 10% OFF on 3,6 & yearly subscription.

follow them on instagram @globoxindia
like them on facebook GloBox  

So that's all about today's post, hope you guys liked it.. dont forget to comment what you received in your globox :)
till then keep loving and supporting . THANKYOU.



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