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Fuschia Dazzle face Mask | sandal and saffron | review.

Hello loves !😊

So its been a while since i have sat down and reviewed a product on my blog. Not to worry guys ! i am back with a review today and its about my current favorite product which i received in my globox around 2 weeks ago. Don't know what is globox? well you can check out the full review CLICK HERE.

Today i'll be reviewing the fuschia dazzle face mask with sandal and saffron.

Sounds interesting , right? So without creating a never ending introduction lets get started with the review .


This baby came inside a cute orange net pouch which looked super cute . I was so happy to see such an attractive outer packaging.To be honest , right now I am using that pouch to store my jewelry (hehe). When i first saw it i thought it to be a glass container which made me a bit upset because glass containers are not always travel friendly , but later i found out that it was actually a very good quality plastic container which is great because you can carry this easily everywhere without worrying about breaking or anything. The container isn't fancy , its a simple transparent one with a wide mouth which makes it convenient and easy for us to take out the product. As the packaging is transparent you can see the amount of product left inside. The container is really compact and handy so it can always be your companion if you are planning for a trip and at the same time want to pamper your skin without carrying too many products.


The ingredient list is clearly printed on the cap.
rose water, kaolin light, china clay, glycerine, aloe vera , bentonitte powder , oatmeal powder ,vitamin E , sandalwood powder , saffron extract.

 All these ingredients are really good for the skin and helps to get that glowing skin naturally , and the best part is that this face mask is completely natural. Its handmade , vegan , sls free , parabens free and all free of all harsh chemicals. My favorite ingredients are aloe vera , oatmeal powder and sandal wood powder. I usually make a diy face mask using these ingredients and i am thankful to fuschia for making my work easy with this face mask which has all my favourite ingredients .


The texture of this face mask is like a toothpaste , yes that is the only example i could think of πŸ˜›. It is very thick and smooth so it can be easily applied on face neck without spilling all over your clothes or creating a mess .


I have used this product twice with an interval of 5 days and it has worked pretty well for my skin. I have combination skin , my jawline and cheeks remain dry but my t zone tends to get oily. This mask didn't dry out my skin or give me any kind of breakouts. It was quite soothing and made my skin look fresh and smooth instantly. I liked how this mask balanced out my skin and made it soft and youthful.
The product didn't mention any "direction for use" which is the only negative part about this product. I washed my face and applied a layer and waited for 15 min till it got all dried up. After the mask dried up i took a little water on my palms and massaged my face really well and  washed it with cold water to close all my pores.
I heard so many good things about the products from fuschia and after using one i have started loving it. I am looking forward to use other products as well. 

PRICE : 450/- 
QUANTITY : 100gm / 3.53 oz
SHELF LIFE : 24 months from manufacturing date. 

get your product HERE 


Yes of course i would definitely recommend this product , specially to those who don't have much time to take proper care of their skin.I wont suggest this mask to people who have really dry skin , but if you have oily skin then get this product ASAP. This product is the go to solution for you, get glowing skin in less than 20 min. You guys should definitely try this one.

Buy other fuschia products HERE

 So that is all about today's post, i hope you guys found this post helpful. For any suggestions or product reviews feel free to comment below , i would love to do so.
 I will be back with my next review soon. Till then keep loving and supporting. Thank you. ☺

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