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Himalaya Neem Purifying Face Wash - review.

Hello lovely people😊,

 Welcome back to my blog , I am really thankful to all of you for appreciating my work. 😊 Your love and support keeps me motivated alot ♡.

So here i come up with my new post. Nowdays its so difficult to get rid of oily skin which leads to pimples , acne and so many skin problems. Specially during these hot humid days your skin becomes so dull and oily. And its way more confusing to find the perfect product for your skin among all the other products available in the market.

Today my review is about Himalaya Neem Purifying face wash which is really affordable and works great for skin. I have been using this since two weeks and have found this face wash really usefull.

Product claims :

A soap free, herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Neem, well know for its antibacterial properties, kills problem-causing bacteria , and turmeric for clear, soft and pimple free skin.

Price 150/- for 200 ml ( also available in 75ml and 15ml )

           Get this online from

 It states :
Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.
Hypoallergenic. No harmful chemicals.

Though it states that its 100% natural, the ingredients mentioned is not completely natural.. it cotains certain chemicals as well. The ingredients list is printed at the back of the bottle.

Packaging : this face wash come in a transparent bottle which is great as you can see the amount of product inside clearly. It comes with a pump dispenser which makes it more easy to use without any mess.  A pea size amount of the product is enough for one time use.  So this product goes a long way ✌.
One thing which dissapoints me is that the product becomes sticky and gets accumulated near the tip of the pump.
(I hope you are getting my point😛) this makes it  look a bit untidy. !

This 200ml pack is not convenient to carry.. you can get the smaller packs which are travell friendly.

My take on Himalaya neem purifying face wash:

This face wash is quite decent and affordable. I have a combination skin , my t zone area becomes really oily during summers and the rest of my face is dry. After using this face wash my cheeks felt a bit strechy and dry , but it worked really good for my t-zone area.

It contains neem and turmeric which work best to fight against bacteria , prevents pimples and other skin problems . Turmeric is great for soft and glowing skin.
This face wash has a herbal fragrance.Its soap free so doesn't latter a lot but still makes your skin clean and fresh after every wash. It also helped to ruduce blackheads which was a real surprise for me 😍.
This face wash is definitely good specially for people with oily skin. People who have dry skin may not find this good as this face wash will make your face more dry.

The consistency of this face wash is like a gel. Its not at all runny. It is translucent light green in colour which looks really herbal and organic.

Pros :
*its affordable
*easily available
*great for people with oily skin.
*prevents pimples
*contains neem & turmeric.

Cons :
*not good for people with dry skin.
*the face wash gets sticky around the cap.
*not travell friendly.

I would surely recommend this to people who have oily skin or have pimples. You should definitely try this facewash once and you will see the results yourself. I really like this priduct as it worked really well for my skin. Use this facewash twice daily to get better results.😊

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post.. do let me know how this produc works for your skin ♡

Thank you so much guys !
Will be back with my new post soon.


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