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Find the correct foundation for your skin tone.

Hello amazing people,

Do you always get confused while choosing the right foundation that matches your skin tone? Or buy the wrong shade and end up with a mask like look?
Well don't worry because today i am going to discuss about how you can find the correct foundation for your skin.

One of the biggest mistake we do is by choosing the wrong foundation. Foundations are not made to make you look fair, they are used for making our skin look even toned and flawless. It helps to hide flaws and imperfection.
The girls at the cosmetic counter want to sell their products so when they don't have the shade that matches your skin tone , they always insist you to buy the wrong shade๐Ÿ˜’.

While buying a foundation its very important for us to know our skin type.

Dry skin-  If your skin is dry go for a liquid foundation or use a foundation that gives a satin finish to your skin. The maybelline dream satin foundation is a great option for people with dry skin.I have already reviewed about it click here . Apply a good moisturizer before applying the foundation as it will help to prevent dry patches on the skin and will give a dewy look.

maybelline dream satin skin foundation.

Normal skin- people with normal skin are lucky as they can use any foundation Liquid/cream/powder that suits well for their skin tone.

Combination skin- if you have oily skin as well as dry skin then you need to apply liquid
foundation on the drier part of your face and a powder foundation on the T zone area to get the perfect look.

Oily skin- Powder foundations and mousse are the best friends for oily skin as it helps to control the oil giving you a matte and fresh look. You can futher apply pressed powder to fix the foundation in place.

this dream matte mousse from maybelline works wonders for oily skin.

Next point to be kept in mind while buying foundation is according to the coverage that you want.

Full coverage- full coverage foundations help to hide severe acne or imperfection. You should go for a full coverage foundation if you have acne problem.

Medium coverage- medim coverage foundations provide light to medium coverage and helps to hide minor imperfection

Sheer coverage- sheer coverage foundations don't help in hiding any imperfection. It makes the skin look natural and even toned.

Know your Undertones

Its a bit tricky to know your undertone , so the best way is to check the colour of your veins under your wrist.

Blue veins- this means you have pink undertones, so a foundation having pink or cooler undertone is perfect.
Green veins- this means you have a warm tone, so choose foundations which have yellow undertones to it.

The best way to get the perfect shade is to match the foundation on your jawline/neck. The foundation should be the exact colour of your jawline/neck.
So whenever you are shopping for foundations make sure to test is on your jawline/neck and not on the back of your hand.

◆Apply 2-3 strokes on your jawline/neck and select the shade closest to your skin tone.
◆Test your foundation in the natural day light.

I hope this post was helpful.
See you all soon in my next post.

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