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24 piece makeup brush set - uses and review.

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well๐Ÿ˜Š. So todays post is a highly requested one. Its only about makeup brushes.
I have the 24 pc makeup brush set from MAKE-UP FOR YOU. it has all the essentials that is required for eyes face and lips.๐Ÿ˜
24 piece Makeup brushes.

There are many people who end up using only 2-3 brushes and leave the rest , but each brush from this kit has its own unique work. So here i'll explain the uses of these brushes.
I actually got this set as a gift.. you can get yours from and

So these brushes come in a black leather kind of a pouch. Its not pure leather but looks really classy. The pouch makes it very travell friendly as you can carry it easily everywhere.๐Ÿ‘✌
Now comming to the quality- these brushes are very soft. I loved the quality as they are equally good like the high end ones are. They are not heavy and very easy to use ☺.

My loveee๐Ÿ˜˜
i use these alot as they make my makeup look air brushed and flawless.๐Ÿ˜

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Big fan brush- this brush has so many uses but sadly its the most neglected one. The first thing for which i use this is to dust pigment or any fall out on my face. After using eyeshadow there is a lot of fall out near the eyes and on the cheeks so i use this to dust them off..  After i apply foundation i use this on my face in circular motion to polish my foundation as this doesn't rub the foundation and makes my makeup look more polished.

Powder brush-  this fluffy brush is my favourite because its so soft๐Ÿ˜ this brush is used for applying any pressed or loose powder. This brush helps to set the powder and fix your foundation. It helps to mattify your face giving an airbrushed look.

Blush brush- this brush is a bit less fluffy and smaller than the powder brush. As its a bit small it gives more control and used for applying blush / bronze on different parts of your face.

Contour brush- this brush comes in an angular form. Its perfect for contouring face,neck,chin ect making your features more sharp and sculpted.

Foundation brush- this is used for applying foundation. This brush gives a very even  and dewy finish. I would recommend using a brush rather than applying with fingers
because brushes give a more natural and poreless finish. Wash your foundation brush after every use.

Small fan brush- this brush is not dense like other brushes. It is mainly used for highlighting the highest points on your face like cheek bones , nose, forehead, highest points of your eyebrows and cupids bow.

Short Eye shadow brush, Medium Eye shadow brush, large Eye shadow brush - All these three brushes are used for applying eyeshadow according to the coverage and area you want to cover. If u want to cover a large area then u should use the large eyeshadow brush. If your eyes are small then its better to use a short eyeshadow brush. And you can use all three brush together as well according to your makeup. These brushes are stiff so it help to pat the colour without any fall outs.

Eye shadow brush- this brush is soft and fluffy . This helps to remove the excess pigmentation on the eye gives an airy finish.

Fluff brush- this is an eyemakeup brush. This brush is used for blending in two colours so that there is no harsh line visible. It helps to blend on a large area.

Eye contouring brush - so this brush has a flat top which makes it perfect for contouring your eyes and make your eyes more defined. You can also use this to contour small areas like you nose.

Medium Angled shading brush.- this has an angled shape which helps to create the V at the outer corner of your eyes.

Angle eye shadow brush- this brush is not fluffly and dense like the Medium angled shading brush. It has a more sharp angle. This brush is perfect to create a wing with a powder/cream eyeshadow.

Smudge brush- this brush is used for smudging. After apllying eyeshadow or kohl smudge your eyes with this brush to get the smokey look.

Sponge applicator- this is a very common brush which i think is known to everyone. This sponge applicator help to pat the eyeshadow concentrating at a particular area.

Sponge Eye shadow- this is a unique brush which is round at the top. This brush is used for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes.

Angle brow brush- this brush is used for defining and highlighting your eyebrows.

Precise Eye liner- i love this brush because of its fine applicator. This brush allows you to create thin as well as thick lines. It is perfect for applying gel and liquid liners.

Eye liner- this brush is also used for applying eyeliners. It allows you to create thick lines because it is not precise as the  previous brush . You can also line your eyes using a cream eyeshadow.

Lip brush- it is used to apply lipstick from the bullet. While applying a dark shade i recommend using a lip brush. Just line your lips and fill in the lipstick using this brush.

Concealer brush- this brush is pointy and helps to hide the blemish and imperfection. This brush allows u to concentrate on a small and specific area without going all over. You can easily conceal the corner of your eyes , nose and other areas.

Lash comb / spooley - this is used to comb your lashes. It helps to remove clumps after applying mascara. You can use this to comb your eyebrows as well.

Eyebrow comb- this is used to comb and define eyebrows. It helps to give shape to the brows before filling them.

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So finally i complete my post ๐Ÿ˜…. I hope this post was helpful.. do share your views! ☺☺

Thank you.

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